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MP3 Music Files From Yahama PSR-36


Yamaha PSR-36:  Album 1  (1989)

   Yamaha PSR-36:  Album 2  (1990)
  1. Seasons change (play)

  2. Beat it (play)

  3. Live to tell (play)

  4. Nothing's gonna change my love for you (play)          

  5. As time goes by (play)

  6. Nadias theme (play)

  7. Evergreen (play)

  8. The sweetest thing I've ever known (play)

  9. Nothin's gonna stop us now (play)

  10. Hymne (play)

  11. Zip A Dee Do Da 1 (play)

  12. Zip A Dee Do Da 2 (play)

  13. That's what friends are for (play)

  14. Windmills of your mind (play)

  15. Ebb tide (play)

  16. California dreamin' (play)

  17. Right back where we started from (play)

  18. Green leaves of summer (play)

  19. I love how you love me (play)

  20. Misty (play)

  21. Star dust (play)

  22. Somthing stupid (play)

  23. Melody of love 1 (play)

  24. Go away little girl (play)

  25. Somewhere my love (play)

  26. All the things you are (play)

  27. Melody of love 2 (play)

  1. Intro (play)

  2. What are you doing the rest of your life (play)          

  3. Even now (play)

  4. It's going to take some time (play)          

  5. Ready to take a chance again (play)

  6. The love boat (play)

  7. Love story (play)

  8. Favorite things (play)

  9. Don't cry out loud (play)

  10. Edleweiss (play)

  11. LOVE (play)

  12. After the loving (play)

  13. The sound of music (play)

  14. At Seventeen (play)

  15. Could I have this dance (play)

  16. Unchained melody (play)

  17. Nothing at all (play)

  18. Spencer for hire (play)

  19. Moonlighting (play)

  20. Never ending story (play)

  21. MASH (play)

  22. Danke shoen (play)

  23. Girl from Impanema (play)

  24. I'd like to teach the world to sing (play)

  25. Stupid cupid (play)

  26. Where is the love (play)

  27. We've only just begun (play)

  28. Memories (play)

  29. Through the eyes of love (play)




MP3 Music Files From Casio CTK-5000


Casio CTK-5000:  Album 3  (2012)

  1. Alice's Theme of Love (play)  composed by Toby Norris

  2. Nicholas and Alexendra (play)

  3. Wonderful World (play)

  4. Maneater (play)

More coming soon!




MP3 Music Files From Yamaha PSR-S950


Yamaha PSR-S950:  Album 4  (2014)

  1. Space Nebula (play) composed by Toby Norris

  2. Love Boat (play)

  3. Midnight Cowboy (play)

  4. Impanema (play)

  5. As Time Goes By (play)

  6. The Summer Knows (play)

More coming soon!





All  the music on this page was

performed by Toby Norris.

(c) 1989 - 2017 All Rights Reserved