Eclipse, 2017
Athens, TN

We stopped by the Belfonte nuclear plant near Scottsboro on our way up to Athens, TN


Those giant cooling towers sure are impressive


This place was abandoned decades ago, and now it is being refurbished


There we are waiting for the eclipse on a very hot August afternoon in Athens, TN


We met lots of other people eager to see the eclipse.  Some traveled from as far as Texas.


Alice and Debbie enjoying our eclipse picnic


There is the hotel where we stayed in nearby Cleveland, TN


Alice always meets people and makes friends wherever we go


I had four tripods and camera setups and also a special eclipse telescope


Mcaylah is getting excited as the eclipse gets closer and it starts to get a lot cooler. 


The big field where we setup our picnic was right next to this Pilot station


Getting ready for the total eclipse.


Here comes the total eclipse


There is the start of the eclipse. 


There is a view of totality with regular camera and no special filters


There is a view of totality with special sun filter. 


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