Florida 2012
Christmas Trip


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Enjoying a fun visit to the Butterfly Encounter in Orlando


There are lots of exotic plants, flowers, and bugs at the Butterfly Encounter


Several hot and humid green houses are filled with tropical plants and butterflies. 


Mcaylah really enjoys chasing the butterflies. 


There is a butterfly watching all those weird humans walking around


If you put some sugar water on your finger, then you might get a butterfly friend to come over for a meal.


This little guy sure was thirsty!


I guess what they say is true.  If you don't chase the butterfly, it will land on you.


This place has several species of colorful lepidoptera to enjoy. 


There are also plenty of tropical flowers to enjoy.


That macro lense on the Lumix TS4 does a pretty good job with these flower closeups


Roses are red....


This poor zebra heliconia looks like he has damaged his wing


Mcaylah sure had a lot of fun at the Butterfly Encounter


Exotic chickens on display at the Butterfly Encounter

Watch out for that pecker.  This guy was pretty mean. 


Fun with bubbles at Butterfly Encounter


Live oaks and spanish moss at Butterfly Encounter


Blackberry photo from 35 thousand feet on our way back to Arizona


Interesting cloud formations as we cross over Texas on our way to Arizona.


High above the clouds over Texas, thanks to Americal Airlines


Our first class meal on Americal Airlines.


Another jet flying past us on our way back to Arizona. 


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