Vegas 2013



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Black Canyon Rest Area 360 Panorama - not far from the Hoover Dam
(click image for 3D Java Viewer)



Information about the Black Canyon not far from the Hoover Dam



Looking at the Colorado River from the Black Canyon Rest Area



There is the mighty Colorado River not far from the Hoover Dam



Here is the visitor parking area for the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge.



You follow this nice sidewalk up some stairs to get to the bridge.



Sidewalk to the bridge.



More sidewalk to the bridge.



Even more sidewalk to the bridge.



Welcome To Nevada sign at the bridge




Memorial Placque at the Bridge




View of the bridge.  No place for someone afraid of heights.



Here is the view of the dam from the bridge.



There is one amazed tourist enjoying the spectacular sight.



The dam is so massive that it is hard to fully capture in a photo.



Water bypass pipes for the dam




There is where all the electricity flows out of the dam on dozens of wires. 



There is the original road that we used to travel across the dam.  It is still open to cars, but with high security and long delay. 



Here is a Hoover Dam 180 Panorama View from the Bypass Bridge

(click image for 3D Java Viewer)



Hoover Dam vertical panorama view. 



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