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TensorTrans computes second order tensor transformation parameters including principal values, principal directions, and invariants.  It also computes rotated tensor components for a sequence of three separate rotations, the order of which can be varied.  TensorTrans includes a help file with complete documentation and references.  You can press F5 to cycle through 10 sample sets of input parameters.  The help file and other program options are accessible from the right mouse context menu. 

TensorTrans ActiveX Control

File size is 136 KB which might take a few minutes to download depending on your internet connection speed.  Please be patient...

WinXP SP2 Security Issues:

1) If this applet fails to load then you may need to change your internet security settings to allow dowloading of signed ActiveX controls.  From IE menu go to Tools-->Internet Options--> Security-->Custom Level->Download Signed ActiveX Controls.  Set this option to enable or prompt. 

2) If you get a warning screen or warning bar across the top or your browser window, you must respond affirmatively to run the applet. 

3) If you have any problems please let me know via email