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ActiveX Applets

Here are a few ActiveX controls that I have developed over the years.  They are mostly simple utility programs for doing engineering calculations such as computing isentropic flow parameters or doing tensor transformations.  I wrote them to help me learn the basics of COM and ActiveX programming using MFC and ATL.  Some of the controls include help files that provide additional documentation on using the controls.  All of the controls here are safe, secure, and digitally signed to ensure authenticity.  Since they are ActiveX controls you can use them in your own programs or embed them in other programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. 


Click on "Info" above if you would like to know more about how ActiveX controls function as web applets.  Most of the ActiveX applets here are also available as full applications (i.e., executables) and also as regular DLL files that you can link into your own programs.  Source code is also available.  The table below lists the various applets and also provides links to available DLL, executable, and source code files. 


Applet Description Type Size (KB) Also Available
FlowComp Computes 1D compressible flow parameters MFC 161 DLL, APP, SRC
TensorTrans Computes 3D 2nd order tensor transformations MFC 136 DLL, APP, SRC
MoodyCalc Computes pipe flow friction losses MFC 238 DLL, APP, SRC
PolyRoot Computes all roots of any polynomial MFC 206 DLL, APP, SRC
ThreadUNS Computes thread geometry for UNS threads MFC   DLL, APP, SRC
BoltCalc Computes safety factors for preloaded bolted joints ATL   APP, SRC

Click here for more information about ActiveX controls