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C++ Programming Examples

Here you will find some of the C++ programs that I have developed over the last 10 years.  These include GUI applications for Windows, ActiveX controls, function libraries, and a collection of my most-used freeware and commercial programming utilities. 

I entered the world of object-oriented programming in the mid 90's with Microsoft Visual Studio version 4.2.   For over ten years prior to that I programmed exclusively in Fortran, starting with Watfive, mainframes, and punch cards.  Most of my programming work over the last 25 years has involved developing engineering analysis programs for mechanical and aerospace applications.  These include programs for structural analysis, fluid analysis, combustion analysis, flight simulation, and radar simulation. 

Nowadays, I still enjoy computer programming and I'm always looking for opportunities to leverage my skills with Visual C#, Visual C++, Fortran, C, Visual Basic, Java, VBA, and Matlab.