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Quaternion Viewer and Conversion Program

Feature List:

  1. Provides real-time computation and display of Euler angles, quaternion, DCM, and 3D object orientation as the Euler angles or quaternion components are varied. 

  2. Displays 3D object orientation based on Euler angles or quaternion under user control.

  3. Converts between Euler angles, quaternion, axis/angle, and direction cosine matrix (DCM).

  4. Handles Euler angles with any of the 12 possible rotation sequences:
    123,231,312,  321,213,132,  121,131,212,232,313,323.

  5. 3D animation with user selectable speed for each Euler angle.

  6. Quaternion file playback with constant frame rate, real-time speed, or interactive. 

  7. TCP server to receive quaternion transmissions from remote programs.

  8. Includes help file with verification test cases.

  9. Compatible with Windows 10.

System Requirements:

  1. Requires Microsoft dot net runtime version 4.0.

  2. 3D graphics card recommended

Installation Instructions:

  1. Click the download link below and click open.  Then double click on QuatView_Install.exe.

  2. Check back often for program updates.

  3. Uninstall previous versions prior to installing a new version.

  4. Please send any comments or suggestions to

  5. Source code is available upon request. 

Latest Version:   3.0  (Mar 4, 2016)


Download Program Installer  (5.6 MB)  Admin Privilege Required

Download Program Zip FIle  (6.0 MB)  Admin Privilege Not Required

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