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MFC Programming Examples

Here are a few MFC applications that I have developed over the last 10 years.  They are mostly simple utility programs for doing engineering calculations such as computing isentropic flow parameters or doing 3D tensor transformations.  I wrote them to help me learn the basics of C++ programming on the Microsoft Windows platform.  A few of these programs show some more advanced programming capabilities including custom GUI controls, Automation, and OpenGL graphics.  All of the programs include help files that provide additional documentation and references.  Source code and DLL's are also available for some of these programs as shown in the table below. 


Program Description Vers. Type Size (KB) Also Available
FlowComp Computes 1D compressible flow parameters 2.3 MFC 263 DLL, AX, SRC
TensorTrans Computes 3D 2nd order tensor transformation parameters 3.2 MFC 239 DLL, AX, SRC
MoodyCalc Computes pipe flow friction losses 2.2 MFC 357 DLL, AX, SRC
PolyRoot Computes roots of any polynomial 1.3 MFC 312 DLL, AX, SRC
ConCyl Stress analysis of a system of concentric cylinders 2.4 MFC 2308 DLL, HLP
Autobrowser HTML parser and web form autobrowsing MFC MFC   HELP
GeoDome Geodesic isotensoid filament wound dome analysis MFC MFC   DLL
ThreadUNS Computes thread geometry for UNS threads MFC MFC   DLL, AX, SRC
BoltCalc Stress analysis of preloaded bolted joints MFC MFC   DLL, AX, SRC
DCPlot Displays 3D debris cloud plots using OpenGL MFC MFC   AX
WinCap Windows Combustion Analysis Program MFC MFC    
This website is a work in progress.  More programs will be posted as time permits.  Contact me via email if you are interested in source code, dll versions, or have other questions.


What is MFC?

MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) is an established C++ framework for developing Microsoft Windows software.  MFC provides a large collection of classes that encapsulate the Win32 API so that programmers can use object-oriented programming techniques for rapid development and reuse of software components.  You can find out all about MFC by doing a google search.